1Does my Photo Booth Template work on all software?
Yes it is designed as PNG file to fit all Photo Booth Softwares. Rest assured if you have any problems drop us an email on info@photoboothtemplatesonline.com and we will send an image directly.
2How quick will I receive the file after purchase.
It will be emailed to the email address you put on the checkout straightaway.
3How big are these files ?
6 x4 which is the most common size.
4Can I edit these files?
In order to keep the cost down we will send you a PNG file all you have to do is add captions.
5Can I get the PSD File?
For an extra £10 you can purchase it.
6Can you design me a special personal template?
Yes please send us an enquiry via custom template and on purchase we will design especially
7Why are they so cheap to buy?
We have designers who are trained in various photo shop services and are able to turn around templates quickly?
8What printers do these templates support?
It supports all the main Printers worldwide including Fuji ASK 300, DNP, Mitsubishi
9Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Yes if we are unable to send you a PNG file that does not work we will refund.